And just like that, another successful Stuff-a-Sock Campaign has come to a close! We would like to extend our greatest thanks to each and every one of you who donated, volunteered, or helped spread the word about this program. This program runs solely on your support and it would not exist without you.

Through your generosity, we received 461 fully stuffed stockings, several bags of supplies to stuff roughly 100 more, and over $6,000 in monetary donations! Working together as a collective of donors, volunteers, sponsors and community groups, we distributed 2030 stockings in total, filling over 1400 of these at our office. We packaged 50 different orders, shipped 13 boxes through DRL and 13 boxes to Labrador through PAL & Air Labrador!

Thank you to each individual listed below, as well as those who chose to remain anonymous.


A few snaps of a sampling of our donors 🙂


Thank you to each and every workplace, community group, school classroom, union group and dentist that provided stockings, supplies, or money to purchase supplies and ship our stockings via DRL.


A sampling of our corporate donors & community groups.


Thank you to each charity and community group that took the initiative to reach out to us on behalf of their clients or individuals within their community that had been identified as being in need of our program. Your coordination and distribution has certainly made Christmas a little brighter for so many in your community. To reiterate our appreciation, we’ll share this quote from a client of one of our distributors: “It’s not about what’s in it, even though everything there I can and need to use, someone actually thought of me at Christmas time”


We would also like to extend a HUGE thank you to our Volunteers. Without your help in creating baggies of chocolates, and pads, filling stockings and gift bags, unpacking supplies and filling orders, we 100% could not have done this without you. Special thanks to Edith Hussey for knitting the adorable socks that were given out as part of the ‘Gift Stockings’.


And last but certainly not least, we would like to extend a special thanks to our major sponsors; Pipers, Air Labrador and Provincial Airlines. As always, the crew at Pipers went above and beyond to accommodate our requests. Not only coordinating our massive orders during one of their busiest seasons, but also offering us incredible savings, we could not possibly get elsewhere on our stocking stuffers. Special thanks to Emily-Anne, Roxanne & Rowena for their help! And thanks to Pipers as a whole for their incredible partnership.


And of course, a special thanks to Air Labrador and Provincial Airlines for shipping all stockings to Labrador for free! This meant huge savings for us, which in turn, enabled us to fill more stockings at the end of the day. So thank you.

Looking back, it has been one of our most challenging years to date. There was a significant increase in stocking requests, an initial dip in donations (which in the end was on par with last year’s), and there were a few unscheduled snow days during peak stuffing/packing/delivering days. At times, it seemed the odds were against us. But in true Newfoundland and Labrador style, we pulled it all together by working closely with our partners and donors, and managed to fill an order for all requesting agencies. Until next year, here’s a recap of Stuff-a-Sock 2016!