This morning we held a training session at our office for our Employee Campaign Coordinators (ECC’s) – those amazing folks who take on the role and responsibility of hosting a United Way campaign at their workplaces.  We had new and returning ECC’s join us for a morning of learning, chatting, and laughing  as we talked about ways to make a workplace campaign successful.  This is something that we do every year, because it gives us a chance to meet up with our volunteers outside of the chaotic (but super fun) campaign season, as well as give everyone an opportunity to see what their peers are doing with their campaigns.

ECC Trivia
ECC’s getting into the trivia!

The session included a slideshow about who United Way Newfoundland and Labrador is and what we do, followed by what’s involved in getting a campaign up and running,  and how to make it fun!  This was followed by a delightful round of trivia.  We’re really happy that folks could attend, and if you’re an ECC who couldn’t make don’t worry!  We’re here to help you out with your campaign so get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to work with you.